Woods' world has turned around

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March 22, 2008, 3:02AM Woods' world has turned around 7-footer signs with Rockets after stint in Turkey By JONATHAN FEIGEN Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle SAN FRANCISCO — Two weeks before, Loren Woods was playing in Turkey, living in Istanbul, and had no intentions of joining an NBA team.

就在兩星期前,Loren Woods還在土耳其打球,他居住在伊斯坦堡,一點都沒有想到還會回到NBA打球。

By Friday, he was hoping to fill some of the void left by the injury to Yao Ming, practicing against Dikembe Mutombo and going through a game-day shootaround beneath the retired University of San Francisco number of Bill Russell.

He could not declare this his triumphant return to the NBA. The contract he signed with the Rockets was for 10 days, and it took circumstances ranging from Yao's injury to unrest in Serbia to get this far. But he has a chance, which was much more than he expected — and all he wants.


"I got back a week and a half ago, but I didn't plan on all of this happening," said Woods, a 7-2 center. "This is a huge opportunity, a major opportunity, especially on a team like this that's doing so well in the Western Conference right now. My plans were to finish up everything with the team in Turkey, come home and go back over. But this opportunity came up, and I had to jump on it.



"They're a great team. For an organization like this to even give me this kind of opportunity, it shows they have some interest in me."


Travel trouble
Woods became available when the U.S. State Department advised Americans not to travel to Serbia, prompting Woods and three teammates to choose not to go to an Efes Pilsen road game.


Efes Pilsen general manager Engin Ozerhun immediately said they would not play for Pilsen again and released Woods, making him available to join the Rockets ahead of schedule.

Efes Pilsen的GM - Engin Ozerhun也說他們將不會再為這隻球隊效力,並且釋出Woods,讓他及時加入火箭。
"He is someone we have been monitoring for a while now," Rockets vice president of basketball operation Sam Hinkie said. "We attempted to get him on our summer league last year, but a very good coach there, David Blatt, signed him up for Efes Pilsen. He played pretty well there.

「我們已經注意他一段時間了,」Sam Hinkie說。

「我們去年夏季聯盟試著把他給簽進來,但Efes Pilsen有一位很棒的教練在那裡 - David Blatt,把Woods給簽走了。Woods在那邊的球隊打得很好。」

"He gives us some size in the front line and length, which is something that right now we can use," Hinkie added. "In general, we think of him as a good rebounder and someone who could potentially play in our offense. We'd like to take a deeper look. I think you'll see a trend with a lot of guys, players who can help us and fit in a role, conceivably fit a role for the future."


「一般來說,我們把他定位成一個好的籃板手,而且能在進攻端提供一些火力,我們會好好地觀 察。你將會看到球隊中有許多能帶給我們幫助的角色球員。」

Woods, a second-round pick of the Timberwolves in 2001, averaged 2.6 points and 3.3 rebounds in 208 games with Minnesota, the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors.


Good preparation
"This team has a little bit of everything," Woods said. "For right now, I'm just going to bring energy and intensity that, hopefully the team can feed off, regardless if it's in practice or wherever I have to get it done.



"Turkey was different. (Istanbul) was a big city for sure, a huge city. It was a very interesting place. The people were OK. The organization I played for was OK. It didn't seem like it was that big a difference from home.

"The league was very tough. It's not the Western Conference of the NBA, obviously, but it was definitely a good league to be in."

Woods thought he would still be in that league, but when things changed, they kept on changing all the way to a spot on the Rockets.