Rockets fall to Pistons, lose T-Mac again

McGrady has MRI after aggravating knee injury; star says he may miss Friday's game.


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — With an offense they believed was finally ready to
drive them past the frustrations and failures of the season's first two months, the Rockets thought they had turned a corner.

Then they made that turn and crashed. Yao Ming left battered and bandaged. Tracy McGrady was bruised and worried. And the brief offensive revival was ended by a 94-82 Detroit Pistons beat-down at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday.

McGrady's troublesome knee, which kept him out for a game and a half, now looks to be a continuing issue after playing on it for a game and a half. But on Sunday, the condition that coach Rick Adelman said was most debilitating was fatigue.


"We didn't play with a lot of energy," he said. "We didn't push the ball like
we needed to. We walked it up the court. We had some surges, but not consistency throughout the game."



Much of that, Adelman said, could be attributed to the schedule, saying he
did not believe Sunday's slow-again offense wasted the progress the Rockets believed they had made.

"I don't think it's a setback," Adelman said. "It's four games in five nights. They say you can't complain about the schedule, but really, I mean, this schedule is starting to get real tiresome.



"We get in here at 3 o'clock in the morning and got a 6 o'clock game and
they're off. If you're going to play back-to-backs, the home team shouldn't
have the wherewithal to make it a 6 o'clock game, especially when you lose an hour (traveling to the Eastern time zone). It makes no sense. If you want a good product, you shouldn't put teams in that position.


"I thought our guys tried. We just didn't have it. In reality, we'll see when
we come back."

T-Mac to get MRI

When they do get back, however, McGrady did not expect to be ready to join them.

He felt a sharp pain after a late first-half dunk, then left the game early in the second half.


"I'm going to get an MRI to see what the problem is," said McGrady, who had previously said he did not want the test. "I got to get one (today). I was trying to hold off. (Sunday) made me realize it could be a lot worse. It was a different type of pain (Sunday). I don't see myself playing in the next game (Dec. 28 in Memphis.)"



McGrady made six of eight shots, scoring 13 points in 18 first-half minutes.
But he reaggravated the knee with a breakaway slam with 1:21 left in the
first half, then collided with Rasheed Wallace on a drive one minute into thesecond half. He left the game 27 seconds later.


"I'm worried," Adelman said. "I thought he bumped it again or bruised it
again. But after he dunked the ball, he started limping again. You've got to
be concerned. I really thought at the start of the game he was moving really good. He was playing good, he was aggressive. And then all of a sudden, he started limping again."



Yao exited with 3:13 left in the third quarter when a collision with Luther
Head opened a cut that needed four stitches in almost the identical spot as the six stitches Shane Battier needed the night before. Yao already had spent much of the game struggling with the sprained right thumb he hurt in Chicago on Saturday, saying after his 4-of-13 shooting, seven-turnover night that he was "over-thinking about my hand."

姚明第三節結束前3:13和Luther Head的head相撞,不愧名字裡有head,頭的頭把姚明的臉撞爆了,縫了四針。爆掉的地方和Shane Battier差不多,巴爺小勝縫了6針。在芝加哥傷了大拇指就夠姚明難受了,結果今天投13中4,外帶7次失誤,姚明說「我一直想到我受傷的手。」

"I can't push hard," Yao said. "But I had about three turnovers in a row, and they made a (6-0) run and I got cut."

The run gave the Pistons a 69-53 lead. They would lead by as many as 20
points before clearing the bench midway through the fourth quarter.

Energy lacking

"You have to take this game with a grain of salt, our fourth game in five
nights, with one of those games being a double-overtime loss (in Denver on Thursday), and against arguably the best team in the East," Battier said. "For us to win this game, we had to shoot the ball well and play a great game. We didn't have the energy to do that, and Detroit took care of



That left the Rockets road weary and beaten to the point that a day after
they believed they had turned things around, they could not be sure where they are headed.


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