12/22 ROCKETS NOTES - Team likes showing at Pepsi Center

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Dec. 22, 2007, 3:43AM
Team likes showing at Pepsi Center
                         By JONATHAN FEIGEN  Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle
Though the Rockets' loss to the Denver Nuggets was their third straight and
fifth in the past six games, they considered it a step toward turning around
their December slide.


"We were on the wrong side of a couple plays that determined the outcome,"
Rockets forward Shane Battier said. "If we keep fighting like this and play
with the effort we played with, we'll win a lot of games."


Coach Rick Adelman said though the improved play was not enough, it could be a start.

"Our team was terrific to come back after (Wednesday) night and play that
way," Adelman said. "Sometimes you lose a game and don't see the progress
you're making. We made a lot of progress, but we've got to get a win. We've
got to find a way to get a win."

Brooks takes on Iverson
Rockets rookie guard Aaron Brooks had his most extensive and productive
stretch of the season on Thursday, scoring eight points in 14 minutes,
scoring more than he had in the four games he had played combined.

火箭新秀Aaron Brooks今天打出本季代表作,14分鐘內幹了8分,比過去四場出賽得分總和還多!

"It felt good," Brooks said. "Once that first basket went down, it felt good,
even though it was a weird shot. But just to see the ball go through the net
felt good. Coach told me to be comfortable, go out and play your game, and I
did. Fortunately, I had a little bit of success and hopefully I can draw on


Brooks had the typical problems with Allen Iverson, though on one move,
Iverson seemed surprised when Brooks was able to cut him off. The Nuggets
quickly cleared out to let Iverson take another run at Brooks and Iverson did
draw a foul. But for Brooks, the trial under fire was helpful.

"He's a great player, someone I've been watching for a while," Brooks said.
"It was good to go out and play him. The first time I was kind of shaking,
but it felt kind of good."

Flight canceled
Rockets guard Steve Francis was scheduled to join the team in Chicago after
missing the past two games and the trip to Denver with the flu, but his
flight on Friday was canceled. He is expected to be in Chicago in time for
the game.

Rockets update
The Rockets have lost five of their past six games but have played well
against the Bulls in recent seasons, winning eight of nine meetings and their
past four games in Chicago. ... Tracy McGrady is questionable with a sore
left knee. ... Steve Francis rejoined the team after missing two games with
the flu. ... Yao Ming has had a double-double in his past four games, one shy
of the longest streak of his career, and had a career-best 19 rebounds
against the Nuggets.

  1. 火箭最近六場輸了五場,不過近幾年火箭對公牛都打得很好,最近九場交手贏了八次,而且在芝加哥創下四連勝。
  2. T-mac的左膝酸痛不知道到底怎樣了?
  3. 小法將回到球隊,之前因為感冒而缺席兩場比賽。
  4. 姚明最近四場都double-double,昨天對金塊創下生涯單場上場時間最高的一次,並有生涯最高的單場籃板數-19個籃板。
Bulls update
The Bulls will be playing the second half of a back-to-back after a blowout
loss in Boston on Friday. They have surprisingly struggled through much of
the season, getting off to a 1-5 start. They had won six of 10 games before
facing the Celtics. ... Ben Wallace has missed the past two games with a sore
left foot.