12/20 ROCKETS SUMMARY - Solid return for Alston

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Dec. 20, 2007, 12:57AM


By JONATHAN FEIGEN Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Solid return for Alston

Rockets guard Rafer Alston started Wednesday's game after missing three of the past four games with a strained groin.

Alston had 17 points, two rebounds, three assists and one turnover in 34 minutes.

火箭後衛Rafer Alston在因該逼拉傷,缺席最近四場比賽中的三場之後,終於在今天的比賽先發上場。 Alston在34分鐘內拿了17分,2籃板,3助攻,一個失誤。

"I'm doing better," said Alston, who returned to practice Tuesday. "I isn't with playing, but my reaction to playing. Last time, my leg swelled up. This time, there is no swelling, no pain. There is some soreness, but that's to be expected.

"I would love to play normal minutes, be out there on the floor, do what I can to help the team. I'm going to play at full speed. I'm not going to be cautious, try to push the tempo, get after it defensively and play the game."

With Wednesday's game the first of four in five nights, the true test of his recovery is to come.


"That's been the doctor's concern," Alston said. "I know that's the trainers' concern. I hope it's not the coach's concern."

It is.

"We have to be a bit leery," Rockets coach Rick Adelman said, "but so far, so good. He's been a real key. He's been very consistent on both ends of the court."

Adelman說RA has been a real key

Francis out with flu

Rockets guard Steve Francis missed Wednesday's game because of the flu and did not fly with the team to Denver. The plan is for him to join the team in Chicago for Saturday's game if he is well.


With Francis inactive, Aaron Brooks was on the active list.

因為小法缺席,因此Brooks被放到active list。