12/19 ROCKETS SUMMARY - Lewis close to home

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Dec. 19, 2007, 12:29AM


By JONATHAN FEIGEN Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Lewis close to home

With his one game this season in his hometown, Orlando's Rashard Lewis not only got a chance to visit friends and family, he could see the Rockets uniform with his name and number that now lives in his Houston closet.

The Rockets left the uniform on his front porch as soon as the free-agent recruiting period began in July. Lewis, meeting with a representative from the Seattle SuperSonics in a downtown hotel, was not there and did not come close to signing with the Rockets after receiving a $118 million offer from the Magic.

Morey曾經三顧茅廬,送了一件繡著名字的火箭隊球衣給R. Lewis,而Lewis把這件球衣放在他位於休士頓的家中。

"I still have it," Lewis said. "I added it to my collection. I'll always have a Rockets jersey with my name on it so I can at least say at heart I played here if I never get a chance to play here (before) my career is up. The closest was during the draft when they probably had a chance to draft me, but I understand it's a business. A lot of things go on a lot of players don't know about. I wish them good luck.


"Right now, it's just another game. We're in a situation we need to get another win and get back on a winning streak."


Lewis has been playing with neck spasms that became worse with Monday's game in Dallas, but he expects to play tonight.


"I had a pain going down my neck and into my back," Lewis said. "My neck got real stiff. The doctor told me I need to sit out two, three, maybe four games in a row for it to heal 100 percent, but right now, we're in a situation where if we can get a couple wins and maybe relax a little more, maybe I will sit out.

"I'm not as mobile as I want to be. It has taken away a little of my athleticism. Sometimes I run down the court, I can only look over my left shoulder. Even when I'm defending guys, if they attack me to my right shoulder, it's hard to turn my head."


T-Mac to go

Tracy McGrady returned to practice after sitting out Monday's workout with a sore right knee. He said he had no doubt he would play tonight against the Magic.


"I got up and down a little bit, but I did not participate in the full practice," he said.


McGrady said meeting his former team no longer had any special significance to him.


"Nothing at all," he said.

「一點感覺都沒有( ′-`)y-~」踢妹說道。

Brooks to get chance

After rookie guard Aaron Brooks' two strong days of practice, Rockets coach Rick Adelman said he would like to see what Brooks can do in a game. Adelman was not ready to say he has revised his rotation to include Brooks but seemed close to giving Brooks his first meaningful minutes.


"I will not hesitate to play him," Adelman said. "He's played well for two days at practice. I'm going to see how the game goes. We have to find a way to get him in the game and see what he can do. ...


"He's got speed. He can shoot it. But he's young and he's inexperienced."



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